HealthCareCoin is a distributed ledger protocol to power a decentralized, global, transparent, and collaborative platform that members of the medical community can utilize to buy, sell and donate medical equipment, consumables and expertise.

Assets on our network can be moved across borders without restrictions or delays due to government policies or regulations. The total cost of ownership for such value-added services is also much lower compared with traditional networks.

Intermixing with the Internet of Things, we aim to provide a safe and secure environment for users to deal with each other by leveraging Smart Contract technology. In a nutshell, we envision HealthCareCoin to be the new standard for medical information, products, and expertise exchange.


HealthcareCoin tokens can be used to verify identity in medical transactions and as a reward to medical service providers for their effort and contributions in health care. Tokens can also be used to discover medical goods and services, access them, and decide how these goods will be distributed or shared within the healthcare community.

HealthcareCoin will be airdropped to health care professionals and patients, most likely in collaboration with non-governmental organizations. The tokens will then be made available for trading on the various cryptocurrency exchanges.

HealthCareCoin will provide both hardware and software platform components to the healthcare community. These components will provide the means to exchange information and knowledge related to health care providers, goods, and services and enable these entities with incentives/rewards in the form of tokens.

Blockchain Technology and Applications in Medical Industry

Blockchain technology is a distributed database that maintains a continuously growing list of records, called blocks. Each block contains a timestamp and a link to a previous block. The linked blocks form a chain.

The sequential blocks are linked chronologically through their timestamps, and they are cryptographically secured together using cryptographic hashes. The resulting chain is, therefore, proof of ownership for all previous blocks.

The unique characteristic of such a record distinguishes it from mere data storage. The absence of human intervention in the process makes it tamper-resistant, and therefore extremely reliable.

Today most healthcare organizations and medical devices have no single control point over their records. Unfortunately, this means that the healthcare industry currently suffers from a lack of control, transparency, and convenience.

With the advent of blockchain technology, we now have a way to secure our medical records while maintaining their integrity and trustworthiness.

Blockchain can be applied in various aspects of the healthcare realm, such as access to medical records, ownership of certain medical goods and services, donation of health care products and services, data sharing among researchers and manufacturers.

HealthCareCoin Solution

The HealthCareCoin platform is an exciting new approach to enable seamless exchanges of valuable data between medical service providers and patients while incentivizing those involved in the medical community.

To provide a higher level of trust and security in the healthcare industry, we developed the HealthCareCoin token solution.

A token is a digital representation of value that can be used in place of tangible assets or currency. For example, the HealthCareCoin token represents medical services from medical professionals and can purchase goods from other members of the community.

Users can exchange the HealthCareCoin token through a distributed blockchain platform that does not allow for any tampering with the records. This ensures the security, integrity, and confidentiality of such data. The platform is also decentralized, which means that no single party is in control or possession of all data involved.

HealthCare economy

The global healthcare market is predicted to reach more than $10 trillion by 2023. This equates to an impressive 25% growth year-on-year and is expected to increase further with the introduction of new technologies such as blockchain and AI in the coming years.

Healthcare is a traditional industry that needs to adapt to new technologies. Blockchain can serve as an ideal solution in this regard by providing a more secure and transparent way of exchanging medical information.

With the continued rise of new technologies, the healthcare sector will continue to be one of the most profitable opportunities for blockchain technology in due course. Therefore, to increase the adoption and maximize value for all stakeholders, blockchain solutions are essential.

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